We have been waiting for you…it’s time to open your mind, open your heart & spread your wings. It’s time to let go of your barriers and believe in YOU!

We all come from different backgrounds. We have all started our journey from a unique place in our lives. Our small and powerful community at Benders Studio is rooted in strength, acceptance, movement, and igniting the flame that burns inside us all. All you have to do is open the door.

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Welcome to Benders Flexible Training Studio

Yoga studios can be intimidating. Feelings of being self-conscious, uncertain, not ready, not enough.

Each one of us has felt that way, and we honor those feelings.

Benders Studio has made a commitment, as a community, to remove as many of those barriers as possible.  We strive to provide a warm and welcome space for all to explore, and learn about movement and a deeper connection to ourselves.

Let go of your preconceived notions of what a yoga studio ‘should’ be, we did when we created Benders.

So come as you are, don’t wait.  There simply is no perfect time, but YOU are simply perfect right now!


Yoga IS for YOU

Mindful Movement IS for YOU

Meditation IS for YOU

Strengthening your body & mind IS for YOU

Benders Studio IS for YOU

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