All classes at Benders are ready to meet each student right where you are from the beginner to the advanced all classes are designed for you! Each of our qualified, and of course fun, instructors are excited to provide our students with what they need!


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About Our Classes

Benders Yoga

60 minutes and 45 minute classes available 

This yoga class is for EVERYONE!!  Our teachers are from different backgrounds and practices- and just like you- they are encouraged to share the unique way yoga speaks to them and allow YOU to learn more about yourself, how your body moves, and to know it is within you to give it what it needs!

This class will guide you as you learn more about yoga as a practice.  Every teacher is there to help guide how to listen to your body and to find space for meditation and calm in your life!

Mobility:Presented by Tauni Doster of Lean Power Yoga

60 Minutes

Athletes, Weekend Warriors, and people that want to keep their body moving in a healthy way… this class is for YOU!!

Tauni is certified not only in yoga but is also a Functional Range Conditioning  and Kinstretch Training Coach!

Through her mobility class she teaches you how to develop a deeper understanding of your mobility and range of motion and gives you tools so that you can enhance your performance in other sports and activities!

This class is recommended for ALL persons, especially athletes and coaches at all levels to assist in injury prevention and recovery!

Fierce Flow

60 Minute and 45 minute classes available 

Believe us when we say this class is for EVERYONE at EVERY LEVEL! Our goal, regardless of intensity of class, is to guide you to understand YOUR unique needs each day… some days you are going to want a little less and some days you are going to want a little more!

This vinyasa inspired class syncs the breath with the movement of the body allowing for a heart-pumping, mind-calming experience.  Flow through this moving mediation as you energize and strengthen your body, mind, and spirit!

Iron Flow

60 minute and 45 minute classes available

ron Flow was developed at BENDERS!!!  This is a different approach to traditional strengths training and yoga.  The teachers in this class are committed to giving you instruction to create quality movement patterns so that you are safe to increase real strength and body awareness to hit your goals inside and outside of the studio.

This class will also teach you the breath work needed for power, flow, and meditation.

Iron Flow combines the use of kettlebells/bodyweight movements, resistance tools, and yoga creating a mindful movement series that develops strength, increases cardiovascular capacity, and mobility.

Expect to get that heart rate up, lift heavy weights and find space to relax the mind!

New to strength training or to yoga?!! PERFECT!  This is a low key approach to both!

**LOVING IRON FLOW and want to learn to teach it?!  Check out the Iron Flow section of the website to learn more!

Sound Healing

45 minutes 

It is impossible to explain this wonderful guide into healing and deep meditation…you just have to try it!!

Sound Therapy is multi-faceted and compliments many modalities of the healing arts.  Jennifer uses instruments to create vibrations and frequencies to assist in finding a deep state of relaxation and meditation.

Roll into this class in comfy clothing, or whatever you are wearing for the day and get ready to leave with a sense of peace and calm!!

Community Yoga

60 Minute

This class follows the philosophy of Benders Yoga but is a chance to come and flow or try out Benders Studio and meet the community at a drop in class fee of just $5.  This class is also included in the Benders Month to Month pricing, no extra fees!