All classes at Benders are ready to meet each student right where you are from the beginner to the advanced all classes are designed for you! Each of our qualified, and of course fun, instructors are excited to provide our students with what they need!


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About Our Classes

Benders 101

Benders 101 (special offer,  check schedule for availability) is designed to focus on the fundamentals of standard poses and flows as well as basic principals practiced in many yoga classes. 101 will guide the beginner that is overwhelmed by the idea of yoga. More experienced yogis will have the opportunity to dig deeper into basic poses to create an overall stronger practice.

Benders Yoga

All of our teachers are from different backgrounds and practices, and—just like you—they’re encouraged to develop and share their practice in their own unique way. Benders Yoga is a great way to find what YOU love about yoga! Explore what each teacher has to offer by attending a class today!Re

The Hardcore Bender Conditioning Class

This conditioning class blends techniques from Pilates, power yoga, Original Strength, and gymnastics for a head-to-toe strengthening experience.  In addition to using your own body weight as resistance, you can anticipate the use of props to take you to the next level! This class will help you build a fundamental foundation that will allow you to move deeper into your yoga practice and bring more balance, agility, and energy into your life! Our instructors are able to meet each student where they are from beginner to advance.  Put this class on your schedule today and come find your strength!

Express Flow

Want to get some movement in the middle of your day and still be able to sneak in a lunch or errand?! This is your class! This 30 minute flow will move your body, get your heart rate up and quiet your mind, a perfect break in your day!  This class is for Beginners to Advanced.  Our teachers come from different backgrounds and will all have their own unique approach to this 30 minute flow!


Fierce Flow

The title says it all! This vinyasa inspired class syncs the breath with the movement of the body allowing for a heart-pumping, mind-calming experience. Flow through this moving meditation as you energize and strengthen your body, mind and spirit.  This class is for everyone from beginner to advanced.