About Benders Studio

Benders Studio is a community centered in that learning how to connect and mindfully move our bodies.  This deeper awareness not only creates a strong body, but a mind that is powerful and knows no limits! 

So open your wings and walk through the doors and allow the work that you do within these walls guide you for your journey outside of them!  

What you will find at Benders Studio

  • We are for every person, everybody, every BODY, and every level of fitness. You don’t need to change a thing about yourself to start, we love meeting you right where you are.  
  • At our core, we do not focus on weight loss.  Our goal is to help you create and cultivate the connection between your mind & body.  We’ve found that in strengthening those relationships, you’re better able to achieve the rest of your goals inside and outside of the studio.  
  • We know that YOU are so much more than what your reflection says or what you weigh.  Give yourself a chance to show yourself all of the amazing things that you can do…that is a true journey to follow. 
  • We believe  and know that good mental health practices, sleep, and nutritions are as integral of parts to being healthy as exercise.  We practice for strength, mobility, and a connection to self.  These are more fun, longer lasting, and more rewarding than moving your body to fit into a new jean size. 
  • We believe that physical health, mental health, strength, and mobility can not be separated.  
  • We do not judge and ask the same of you…for you.  We are not here to hold judgment on what you wear, eat, what you do in your spare time, or what you can or can not do on a yoga mat.  
  • We are here to support you in your journey.  The only thing that matters is that you walk through those doors, listen to your body, and give YOURSELF your best.