About Iron Flow Teacher Training

Benders Studio is called a ‘Flexible Training Studio’ yes, I love the nod to multiple meanings, but this is actually who we are!

We love to get creative and curious with movement, breath work, and developing a deeper mind body connection.

Cara Flynn designed Iron Flow from this space.  Iron Flow combines the use of kettlebells, bodyweight moments, resistance tools, and yoga to create a mindful moment series that develops serious strength, increases cardiovascular capacity, and supports mobility.  

Iron Flow creates a deep attention to learning and understanding mindful movement.  This allows students to learn how to approach each program and exercise in a way that tunes us into the how the stressors in our lives have impacted our bodies and to adjust to gain success and avoid injury whenever possible.  

Cara Flynn has been trained in kettlebells and bodyweight training by StrongFirst and has been teaching these skills for over 10 years.  She also has her 200 hr YTT and is registered with the Yoga Alliance, and has completed both coaching levels of Original Strength.  

You may visit the event page on Benders Studio website to find training(s) and dates for levels.  

If you are interested in hosting a training or including this in part of your yoga schools 200 YTT program, please contact Cara at info@bendersstudio.com to discuss details further.  


INTRO to Iron Flow: The Mind, Body, and Breath Connection 

Hours: 10 Cost: $250 

Description: The two biggest challenges for a strength trainer/yoga teacher teacher is talking yogi’s into picking up heavy weights to work resistance and talking those addicted to lifting heavy or that love high intensity workouts into slowing it down to address mobility issues and develop a deeper mind/body connection.  Iron Flow bridges that gap.  It is an extremely efficient and effective workout that brings the best of both worlds to the mat.  

Intro to Iron Flow is a pre-requisite for our Level 1 and Level 2 Iron Flow Courses.  If you are a yogi with a 200 hr certification or equivalent you do not need this course, your are ready to register for Iron Flow Level 1.  If you are a PT, Personal or Group Fitness Trainer, (with a certification) and want to add Iron Flow to your offerings, or if you are a lover of Crossfit and lifting heavy and are ready to dip your toes into the idea of adding weight to yoga, or adding yoga to weights, this session is for you.  It was developed for those who do not have a yoga background to familiarize you with the anatomy, and language of yoga as well as sequencing you will need to compliment the kettlebell moments.  You will become aware of the more subtle aspects of the practice so that you may help students create ownership of their bodies and how they will use them safely.  

This Module Covers:

  • Mindful Movement- the mind-body connection
  • The Nervous System- knowing how and when to up regulate and/or down regulate
  • Breath work- the 3 main types of breathing practices used in Iron Flow
  • Trauma- looking through the lens of physical trauma and injury and overcoming road blocks
  • Mindful Programming- An introduction to integrating yoga, weight, sequencing and principles of guided rest.  


Iron Flow Level 1

Hours: 20  Cost: $595

Iron Flow Level 1 Training offers you the opportunity to not only learn how to break down and teach the hip hinge, (deadlift/kettlebell swing), squat pattern, press, and the Get-Up, but how to combine weight with the movements of yoga and the focus of breath work to create a unique weekly class or strengthening program for your students or patients! Iron Flow Level 1 is designed for Yoga Instructors, PT’s, Personal and Group Fitness Trainers, Chiropractic offices, etc. Iron Flow dives deep into mindful movement through EVERY exercise and creates space to explore and learn a new level of strength, while increasing mobility and body awareness!

This module covers:

  • History and Evolution of Iron Flow – why this work out is such an efficient and effective program
  • The Nervous System – Up and Down regulation, breath work, and guided rest
  • Safety and Movement – Hip Hinge (Deadlift & Swing), Squat Pattern, the Press, and the Get-Up.  You will be required to demonstrate your ability to complete each pattern appropriately AND to the ability teach/correct movement patterns to complete the levels certification.) 
  • Addressing past physical trauma or injuries – Engaging in a workout while honoring your body
  • Programming – Create your own Iron Flow class!


Iron Flow Level 2

Hours: 15 $450

Now that you are hooked on Iron Flow, and are comfortable practicing and teaching a class offering, let’s take it even further! Iron Flow Level 2 breaks down each movement from the ground up in greater depth. You will have more time to practice each the movements and to become more comfortable with the language and anatomy cues used to guide students through class. You will have the opportunity to create more mindful and creative content and sequences, based on your knowledge of successful programming techniques and you will be able to practice your sequences by teaching to other trainees and instructors, who can offer supportive and inspirational feedback. The cost of this course includes 10 hours of in person training as well as the ongoing support of a 1 hour monthly in-person or zoom meeting for questions, guidance, and feedback for 5 months following the training. 

This module covers:

  • Deep Dive – Breaking down and exploring each movement even further
  • Practice Teaching – Teach a class with instructor support and feedback from students and peers
  • Programming – Create 8 weeks of programming, focused on an end goal
  • Ongoing Monthly Support – Support Sessions monthly via zoom for 5 months following training