About Beyond Barriers

Sometimes the path we are on leads us to another that is just too beautiful and inspiring not to follow! 

When I opened Benders Studio I believed I knew exactly where my path would lead.  I loved teaching people to get curious about their bodies and love the strength they could create.  In Benders I found a place that I could fully be myself.  It was terrifying and exciting… and it still is!! 

But it did something I didn’t expect.  It opened my eyes to the people around me.  All the sudden I began to see the talent, the brilliance, the hurt, the courage, and the gorgeous humans I am honored to know or have known.  

I then began to open myself up to them.  To hear and honor their stories and to be inspired by them…and I was.

March of 2020 began a new journey into the BEYOND!  

Beyond Barriers creates day, weekend, and week long retreats designed to ignite inspiration and passion for women to find their ‘beyond’ through the sharing of personal stories and movement. 

Just like the name, Beyond Barriers was not meant to stay in one space.  We have explored and hosted retreats different cities AND states! With all of the amazing women out there it is impossible to share all of the stories at our retreats so Beyond Barriers also utilizes social media platforms to tell the stories of women from all over! 

Our retreats include yoga, breath work, female speakers from the community sharing their stories, supporting local owned/women owned businesses and non-profit organizations, and of course leaning into a deeper connection to YOU.   

Interested in Beyond Barriers Events?! Check us out on Facebook or Instagram (can we do a link to those here?)  or head over to the ‘EVENT’ tab on this website! 

Interested in sharing your story via Beyond Barriers social media?! I would love to get the chance to hear what is burning inside of you and learn about YOUR beyond!!  Email me beyondbarriersiowa@gmail.com so we can find a time to connect!